Saturday, March 18, 2017

R & R

Deanna and I (Paige) just dropped off about 12 Germans at the train station so they can continue the next lag of their journey. I say about because there's too many to keep track of and I'm bad with numbers. Now the BVS house is somewhat empty again with just the core group of Deanna, Shelley, Fred and I. Oh and our friend Destinee from the summer unit (#313) is here too, but she's only staying for a day. She's cool though.

I've never been at the BVS house when it has hosted this many people, so I was a little worried, but the capabilities of this house astounds me. And now I'm stuck with a ton of laundry, which consists of my own and the various things that the German BVS'ers used while they were here for one day. That's okay though. It's Saturday and that means I'll get to be productive at home. I always look forward to the weekends, whether that means I get to have some r & r or I get to spend time with my awesome housemates. Shelley, Deanna and I (oh and Destinee) are going on a field-trip to IKEA later today. I've been before, but they haven't. I'm more excited though to try their vegan food more than anything else.

Well, mid-year retreat for BVS has come and gone, just like that. We spent 5 days at a retreat center for some rest and relaxation and rejuvenation. It was cold, which made snuggling by an indoor fire even better. I'm glad to have revisited with "old" friends from my unit and to have made new friends. You'd think I'd learn some German words by now with how often I was around Germans but nope. Even learning Spanish, which I've been studying since high school, is a struggle.

It's March and the house will gain a new housemate in May. That's exciting! Up till then, with our busy schedules, we'll be in and out of the house and flying all over the country. That's exciting too! And for those wondering about the status of our house... unfortunately, no, it has not been painted yet, but for what it's worth, it still looks like an old haunted Victorian house, which I think is kinda cool.


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