Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"How did this get in here!?"

Let me start this post by saying:

The BVS House is old 
and it's occupants filter through faster than 
shoppers in a revolving door on Black Friday.  
(minus the consumerism)

So fast that often we exclaim, "Why is this here!?" or "How long has that been around?!" Often the reply is, "As long as I can remember." For example, the violin in the downstairs piano room or the Halloween Attic or mysterious freezer food with names like "Emily" or "Beth" on them.

Basically, we have a lot of furniture that we've acquired over the years. It's really quite timely - we have a plethora of furniture (go figure in a Volunteers house!) and there is need out there (refugees and our Sunday school room). At our house meeting last night, we assessed our surplus situation and decided what pieces we were going to move. We decided on sending a couple beds to refugees and the 1/2 Broken Red Couch (in the living room) to our Sunday School room. The 1/2 Broken Red Couch has recliner seats on either end, but one of them is broken. Hence the name.

Then the question was...which couch do we replace the red one with in the living room? We went off to test ALL THE COUCHES in the house. It started off innocently enough...

This couch is too hard!

This couch is nice, but we'd have to get it upstairs.

This couch is juuuuuust right!

We had made our new living room couch selection. The next feat was to get the 1/2 Broken Red Couch from the living room to the van. [Insert quintessential easier-said-than-done phrase here.] 

One. This couch was massive and it had two recliners on either end. 
Two. Our doorways are Turn of the 19th Century small. TINY. We may have chipped a little bit of paint in trying to shove it through a doorway or two.  
Three. Pair those two things together and pushing this couch through a door way was like giving birth to a 9lb baby. (So much respect, Moms. So much respect.)

We tried going down one stairway and couldn't make it. So, we try the second one. To NO avail. It's still in our house and will probably remain there for awhile. Despite being unable to get the couch out of the house, our efforts resulted in a lot of laughs and will be a fond house memory circa 2012

However, we do beg the question, 


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