Monday, September 16, 2013

Transitions, tossing grits, and Tim!

Lately it's been rainy and chilly here in Elgin and if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to spot a few trees with leaves that have begun to change colors. The transition between summer and fall has begun.

While Elgin has just begun to transition between seasons, the BVS house has been in transition all summer long! In the 3 months that I’ve lived here, three housemates have moved out (Rachel, Tricia, and Kendra), Julia came for a month-long interim placement (and left), Jenna moved in last month, and next month one more will join us. Meanwhile, I traveled to 10 states this summer so I haven’t even been around much myself. The last three months have been full of transition for everyone here. Apparently this is normal for the Elgin BVS house….no more clearly evidenced than by our discovery of a box of grits in the pantry that had an expiration date of 01/2000. Anyone leave that behind? (sorry, we threw it out…)

Since we have been in so much transition, I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself on this blog yet. My name is Tim Heishman and my BVS position for the year is National Youth Conference Coordinator, a position I share with two extraordinarily talented individuals and good friends, Katie and Sarah. I grew up in Harrisburg, PA and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I am a recent graduate of Eastern Mennonite University, where I majored in Biblical Studies and History.

Some of my hobbies include running, traveling, gardening (it helps keep me ‘grounded’ with all my traveling), cooking, exploring new cultures and learning new languages (especially dialects such as ubi dubbi or pig latin), sharing laughter and good humor, playing cards or board games, reading and writing, talking theology, spending time with family and friends, and singing in choirs.

I really value the joys and challenges that come with “living in community,” or being part of an intentional community (yes, even as an introvert). I lived in community for 2 years in college and also last year in a Mennonite intentional community in Baltimore. Those experiences were both challenging and joyful. In each setting, I was nourished spiritually, through the ups and the downs. Henri Nouwen, one of my favorite authors, says that “Doing things together is more important than doing things alone.” I really think he’s on to something. Sure, some things are much easier to do alone, but when we do things together (especially things that are difficult), we allow God a space to work that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. And we are changed as a result. So I'm excited to grow, change, and be challenged here in Elgin, with my new community!

God is always moving and I’m looking forward to seeing what that looks like in myself, together in our community, in Elgin, and around the denomination this year. And I look forward to sharing some of that with you right here, for what it’s worth….