Thursday, June 7, 2012

The New Guy

Hey Everyone!  I'm the new guy for a couple of weeks.  My name is Curtis Dehmey.  I am currently a student at Lancaster Theological Seminary, but until July 15 I am interning with Jonathan Shively and the rest of the Congregational Life Ministries office.  During this internship I am shadowing leaders within the Congregational Life Ministries office, taking part in various meetings, learning about church planting, learning about coaching/consultant work and in general, about life and leadership at the General Offices.  I am born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and no, I am not Amish.

I was quickly incorporated into the BVS house upon my arrival.  I learned right away how busy and active this house has become.  Everyone seems to have their own routine and schedule, but during most evenings, the activities are up in the air.  This makes for a nice flexible evening.  So if we want to watch a movie, take a walk down to Orange Julius for a smoothie, run some errands or spend a nice evening in the library, this is all up to us.  It has been both a loving and fun community.

An interesting challenge came upon my arrival because I do not eat too many vegetables.  I openly make fun of myself for my pickiness.  Mom and Dad and countless others have tried to be creative in enticing me to eat vegetables all of my life.  With two vegetarians living in the house this makes it challenging.  Gratefully, we have all been pretty flexible.  I try to be a good sport when they make something with vegetables in it.  If I make something with meat, I try to be considerate in what I make so that I can cook something that would also be agreeable to the vegetarian diet.

Another interesting delight and challenge this week has been that the Ministry Summer Service individuals and the Youth Peace Travel Team are temporarily staying at our house until Saturday.  At the moment we have 10 individuals living in the BVS house.  There is more activity than usual happening, but it makes it so that there is never a dull moment.  Two of these Ministry Summer Service individuals will be in and out of our house for the summer.  Sarah Neher and Jamie Frye will be out new housemates for the course of the summer!  Welcome!

As you can see new and exciting things are happening!  We are grateful to have you follow many of us on our journeys!