Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Shenanigans

Elgin, Illinois. Chicagoland. Not quite Chi-beria, but it's still freaking cold. That's the downside of the midwest. For this Virginian, cold weather never meant anything less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Now I applaud the weather if it's anything above a single digit!

So to rebel against the frigidness, the BVSers and friends decided to distract ourselves with fun winter shenanigans!

First and foremost...STAR WARS!!! We geeked out and went to see the Episode VII and it was magical.

One of our favorite ways to forget about the soul-sucking weather is...BRUNCH! Buttermilk in Geneva has become a BVSers' favorite.

Walking around in Geneva also makes us happy.

It was MLK Day this Monday, so no work. After a morning of snuggles by the frost bitten windows, we all went out to lunch! Elizabeth was flying in from a work trip, so we all picked her up and celebrated with food!
It's safe to say that we love food and will make every excuse to go out to eat. :)

So if you're ever wondering if the Elgin BVSers are doing alright, rest assured we're stayin warm and having fun. :) For those of you BVS Alumni, what were some of your favorite house activities to do when you lived in the frigid winter of Elgin?

Peace out, and stay warm,