Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Alive

To start of this week’s blog, a poem of end rhymes!

It’s Alive!
Six months ago I arrived, on a cool October day,
to my new community in Elgin, where I’d then stay.
I was so excited to be involved, in all the community events,
until I found out one thing, which led to my discontent.
That the library was the happening place, that everyone recommended,
which is cool to an extent, but to me that didn’t sound so splendid.
But it was true, all winter long, you’d see no one about.
Unless you went to the library to check that book out.
No one would be at the park, or on the Fox River Trail,
You’d only see people at the Library Borden de la Gail.
But, today that has changed! I’m excited to say!
No more waiting or sitting in dismay.
I saw people out, and the snow has finally melted away!
People walking downtown, kids biking in the streets,
Others just basking in the 58 degree heat.
I believe this is cause for a grand celebration,
Because, at last, the city is out of library hibernation!
The End
In other news!  Our house has been in a constant change of people the last few weeks. There have been times where everyone’s been out of town, and times where we’ve had 10 extra people staying with us!  (I personally enjoy the 10 extra people, and wouldn’t mind having that many people all the time! ) We’ve also had a string of birthdays to celebrate and many of us are figuring out what steps to take after this year in BVS.  Definitely some exciting times in the BVS house, with I’m sure more to come, since we won’t turn into icicles the moment we walk outside!

Until next time!