Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And So It Begins.

Hello all! My name is Cat and as Rachel has already mentioned, I'm working with her setting up workcamps for summer 2012. Woo! AND I am also from Central Pennsylvania. Woo! I'm a recent graduate from Penn State and looking forward to a great and productive year here in Elgin, Il and at the BVS house here.

Since it is the beginning of a new and exciting journey I thought I had titled this post justly and so far it has been just that. My first night in the house I played 2 hours of darts with the new roommates, unpacked all my stuff (that took a while), helped cook a dinner, and watched a movie. Since then its been going by so fast that I can't believe I'm already into my second week of work at the office. So it would seem that this beginning is moving faster than I am able to process, and as a result I've had my loopy moments when random songs are sung aloud, random quotes are said, and incoherent sentences that somehow end up making sense are uttered.

And within that loopiness I opted to watch a string of scary movies with the roommates and the various guests at our house over the past week. 'House on Haunted Hill', 'Evil Dead', 'Night of the Living Dead', and 'Return of the Living Dead'. Don't ask me why, because I'm still trying to figure out that part as well. It really doesn't make sense because to be honest, the Nickolodeon show 'Are you Afraid of the Dark' gave me and still gives me nightmares. And now after watching all those movies I listed above, I'm resorting to carrying a tennis racket throughout the house with me just in case I encounter a zombie and/or a ghoul. Because we all know how scary a tennis racket can be. Oh yes, its been an exciting beginning. 

All scary movies aside, I've already found my time here in Elgin to be beneficial to my peace of mind. After 5 years of constant 24 hours on the go with piles of  homework, many shifts at work, and life in general; it's nice to finally have this time to envelope myself into something new and something that I am passionate about.

As my parting until next time, here is a quote that I have always loved and promote with every fiber of my being:

"Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is YOUER than you."  -Dr. Seuss


Monday, August 29, 2011

ELGIN: The Musical

Coming into Elgin directly from a summer in theatre has me making musical theatre references left and right. Sometimes in my head and, unfortunately for those around me, often out loud.

Let me officially introduce myself as one of the newest family members of the Elgin BVS house. My name is Rachel and I am here as one of the workcamp coordinators for the summer of 2012! It’s great to be in Elgin after almost three months in New Hampshire.

I am originally from central Pennsylvania and I grew up in the Church of the Brethren. I am in the same position that Carol was in this past year and my co-coordinator :-D is Cat who will be/has already added her two cents to the blog. Thanks for having me, Elgin! I look forward to a great year!

Peace and Hugs,