Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Very Merry BVSers Christmas

It's Christmastime! And boy, have the Elgin BVSers been busy. With Christmas Parties, trips into the city, Star Wars, and fort building, there seemed to be little time to actually keep up with our Elgin House Blog. Alas, here we are, just two days away from 2016, and it seems unreal.

Much has happened since our last post in...September?! Yeah, it's been a while. Amanda McLearn-Montz and Deanna Beckner have joined us for the Workcamp Coordinator position and Elizabeth Batten joined the BVS team for Recruitment in November. We are also happy to have Kelley Brenneman live with us for a few months as she does her archiving thang. I'm still around and will be finishing up my over-a-year term with the BVS team on April 1st. Nope, it's not an April Fools joke, i'll legit be gone.

But to keep spirits up and the merriment going, check out some pics from our Christmas Party we had the other week. :)

See some friends starting to make some Christmas Cookies!

Some cool people eating some cool food and having some cool conversations.

Important gentlemen and their important conversations.

One of the first decorated cookies of Christmas!

Bruno getting in some snuggles...yes, there is a child under there.

We've had some good times together as a totally new house. We hope all of our friends and followers have had a delightful holiday season, and Happy New Year!!!