Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Fair Ladies

I have been blessed to live with four amazing ladies the past few months. From adventures in Chicago to Van's ice cream runs, I have loved spending time with my Elgin housemates. They have supported me during difficult decisions and dreary winter months. We have also laughed together over the most ridiculous puns and have created a long list of inside jokes. During our time as housemates, we have become a family. Or maybe a strange version of the Golden Girls. Although we annoy each other sometimes, we are always there for each another with a hug, smile, or listening ear.

Sadly, we are losing two housemates this spring so our five will soon be three. One housemate left last weekend, and we miss her already. Another housemate will leave in a week, and we get to take her home ourselves during our road trip to Roundtable at Bridgewater College. Our house will not be the same without these ladies. They are wonderful and caring individuals, and I will sorely miss them. I will miss hiking, laughing, and watching movies like My Fair Lady with them. I will miss trips to Geneva, long talks after dinner, and sharing coffee in the morning. Most of all, I will miss their hugs, jokes, and kindness. But I know that they will enjoy the next chapters of their lives, and thanks to modern technology, they are only a call or text away.

So, my fair ladies, go have some new adventures and don't forget to come visit us in Elgin. The BVS House doors are always open to you, and we'll be counting down the days until we're reunited with you two.  


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Art makes us relax

Hello, faithful readers who care about Elgin BVSers! The spring season is upon us, and that means...TRAVEL! We have site visits, recruitment trips, orientations, retreats and more that we have on our plates. With all of us in and out of the house constantly, we find it difficult to find times to relax and breathe.

So tonight at our weekly house meeting, we took some time to draw! Everyone had a blank sheet of paper and we each took a minute to draw anything we wanted on them. Then after a minute we rotated pictures and added to the drawing! We passed it around the room until we had these four masterpieces of collaboration!

We might now always be together, but we will always be a community. :)  

What are some of your favorite/meaningful communities?



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